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Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvornikov was born 10 December 1971 in Moscow. His mother was an engineer, his father held PHD in engineering.

According to the data from official site of Mikhail Dvornikov, he successfully graduated from a high school in 1987. Mr Dvornikov graduated from Moscow secondary technical school ¹ 179 in 1990 and was continuing his education (according to some data he got 2 higher educations). He was doing military service in 1990-1992. After the fall of Soviet Union he immigrated with his family abroad and domiciles in Austria, Switzerland and France.

Mikhail Dvornikov has been running his own business since 1992. He was the owner of a range of commerce and consulting enterprises, including privatization consultations. Since 1994 his business has expanded and Mikhail Dvornikov has started to participate in buying (on secondary market) privatized enterprises in default. Thus, he has bought some large enterprises in Moscow for following reprofiling and usage as real property. Among his main enterprises: shopping complexes Savelovskiy and Stankolit and a rage of smaller enterprises.

Mikhail Dvornikov is the owner of a range of companies, that have to its’ profile large real estate objects in Russia, Moscow. By 2006 asset value of Mikhail Dvornikov in real estate was estimated as 200 million US dollars and annual total profit was equal to 60 million US dollars.

In the period from 2006 to 2008 all the assets and business in Russia, Moscow were sold. At the present time Mikhail Dvornikov is a private investor and the owner of a range of companies in Austria and Switzerland, carries on charity, social and scientific business.

Mikhail Dvornikov is married and has two daughters. The elder daughter deals with foreign affairs and diplomacy, the younger daughter after finishing school has continued her education.